Best Lovely & Sweet Happy New Year Wishes for Friends & Family 2019

By | December 18, 2018

Lovely & Sweet Happy New Year Wishes for Friends & Family 2019: New Year falls on the 1st of January and it is the marking of a new year or an addition to the chronological year. Everyone is aware of the New Year’s celebration. On this day we celebrate our journey and cherish it. People celebrate the New Year in different ways by following a different tradition. Some places believe in 12 grapes and eat it as a sign of good luck and some beliefs in First Footing which indicates that a person needs to enter their house first before anyone is getting out of it.

Best Lovely & Sweet Happy New Year Wishes for Friends & Family 2019

Happy New Year Wishes for Friends & Family
Happy New Year Wishes for Friends & Family

People celebrate New Year by meeting their family and friends and having a closed gathering with them. The celebration of the New Year starts from the evening of 31st December and continues till the midnight of 1st January. When the clock will strike 12 everyone will wish all the close ones and send them good greetings. If you are at a party, people will bless and hug you and celebrate it by cutting the cake and burning crackers. It does not show any remarkable transition, but still, people celebrate this day with huge enthusiasm. Champagne toast is raised as a sign of cherishing the journey of the last year and New Year resolutions are taken.

Happy New Year Wishes for Friends

Happy New Year Wishes for Friends
Happy New Year Wishes for Friends

I would like to thank you for everything that you did to me in the last year. Wish you a happy new year!

All my hopes, all my wishes and all my dreams for a happy new year.

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have given me throughout the past year! Wishing you a wonderful new year!

I wish you to be surrounded by the dense forest of love throughout the next year as well. Happy New Year.

You tolerated all my bad jokes and witnessed all my pitfalls. Have a wonderful new year!

new year wishes for friends
new year wishes for friends

I am sending the best wishes to my friend for an amazing new year! May the happiness always shine on you!

Thank you very much for supporting me throughout the past year. Have a wonderful new year.

A new year is something like a blank book, and it is up to you to write a colorful story in it with the pen you have in your hands.

I wish the upcoming year for you to be a wonderful one, which is filled with joy and pleasure.

All the wishes I made last year became true because I found you! Have a wonderful new year my friend.

new year wish for friend
new year wish for friend

As you enter the New Year, let’s appreciate the love we share and make it even stronger.

I have seen you improving throughout the past year. Keep it up in the next year as well. Happy New Year!

I am counting my blessings and wishing you even more! Have a wonderful new year my friend!

We are ending another year that was filled with joyous times and sweet memories. Let’s enjoy it in the next year as well.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last week and I would like to keep that friendship forever. Happy New Year!

Wishing that you would have many blessings in the upcoming New Year. Enjoy the holidays.

May the God bless with you warmth, love and care during the upcoming year!

New hopes, new dreams and most importantly all my love for a wonderful new year!

I am ending this year with happiness because I have found the most precious gift in my life. Enjoy the New Year!

I wish you faith, hope and courage in the next year. Hope you would go through all the hurdles that you face in the next year.

Happy New Year Wishes for Family 2019

Happy New Year Wishes for Family
Happy New Year Wishes for Family

Happiness and prosperity are the two things that only matters to me being a member of this blessed and beautiful family. May we all have a Happy New Year!

The only thing that I wish to remain unchanged for the New Year is only you, my family!

Let’s make a restart in our lives. Delete all the bad things of the past and let new beautiful moments be born. My family, I wish you a Bright and Happy New Year!

May the Year 2019 bring health and happiness to each one of you my dear family. I love you all!

Hope this New Year bring all the new things in your life you ever wished for. The only thing I wish to remain the same is the warmth and love that our family offers to us. Happy 2019!

new year wishes messages for family
new year wishes messages for family

May the New Year bring to our family and home new opportunities, new hopes, new achievements and a couple of new members! Happy New Year!

On this New Year’s Eve I have the opportunity, as we are all here together, to express my sincere and deepest feelings of love and gratitude to all of you! Thanks for being together for one more year!

It’s time to reconsider all the things that we’ve done wrong last year and find the will and courage to correct them on the New Year! Joy and happiness for all of you!

We all make mistakes and sometimes really bad ones. But, only few people have a family like ours that knows how to forgive and still share its love! I’m happy to have you all in my life. Happy and Warm New Year!

The most pleasant moment of this holiday season, is that we all meet again at our parent’s house with the smelly cooks of our mother! Happy New Year!

new year wishes family
new year wishes family

Every New Year’s Eve is cold enough to feel the need of being in my beloved family’s warm hug! Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that another year passed so quickly! I’m happy that we spent it together under our family safe shelter. May 2019 bring us the love that we need!

As a child, New Year holidays was only about Santa and his presents. As a parent is only about being together with my children and wife as a family. Happy New Year!

To my Family: You were always my guide and the brighter example to follow. Hope the New Year bring the brightest light in our soul. Happy New Year!

Wishing you Health, Joy, Happiness, Wealth, Strength, Determination and all the great thing you wish for. I love each one of you!

I wish the New Year gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my loving family. Anticipating to see you again tonight!

Hmmm I smell something tasty! Oh yes I’m home again and my mom is cooking! That is the meaning of being together with my family this holiday season! Happy New Year!

My family gave the most amazing and magical childhood memories! Hope this unforgettable moments with you will last forever!

I close my eyes and dream that I’m with you again. No matter how far away from you, I feel like home through my memories! Happy New Year to my loving Family!

Dear Mom, Dad and all my family, you know that I can’t be with you this New Year’s Eve. I send you my presents but most important I send you my most warm and sincere New Year Wishes! I love you all!

A New Year gives us the chance to make our dreams come true and our lives better. May the New Year bring you the best!

I’m happy to have such a beautiful wife, such awesome children, such wonderful grandchildren. In two words such an Amazing Family! Happy New Year to all of you!

My family, you gave me the wings to fly in this life. You helped me to make my dreams come true and the chance to make such a beautiful family on my own. I love you all and I send you my warmest New Year Wishes!

On this New Year’s Eve I would like to thank you for all your support and courage you gave me to pass the obstacles I had the past year. Happy to have a family like you! Wish you the best for the New Year!

Never regret of the mistakes you’ve done the past year. We, your family, are here to support you and we will do it forever. Happy New Year!

May you spend the New Year with your beloved family together. Make every moment with them extra unique and special. Happy New Year!

One can send Happy New Year Wishes for Friends & Family by using social media. The virtual greetings are becoming very much popular nowadays, but still, the tradition of sending greeting cards is alive. There are thousands of ways of wishing your friends and family. Make sure you are also sending some good gifts with the greetings or wishes. You can also send a write up for cherishing their existence in your life and even though the year is changing nothing can change the bond you share with them.

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